With each day, the world advances further in discovering nature’s secrets. Vibrational science is one of the secrets to ideal health and paramount to wellness. All things are made up of vibrations. Along the spectrum of vibrations, some vibrations offer more life giving results than others. When it comes to food, the basic physical structure is not all that matters. The way food is prepared can greatly influence its energetics and determine how nourishing it will be to the body. One World Whey has been vibrationally enhanced, using a proprietary process, to offer your body maximum health benefits and nutrition.

We cannot disclose much about the process, but those who are followers of natural medicine will be familiar with the concepts we are using as they are not new.  We use the term vibration, but there are other terms for this life force. The Chinese, for example, used the term Chi to describe the amount of life giving, energy in person, animal or plant. For centuries, wise herbalists and healers have known that there is a distinction between high and low vibration foods. We have applied this knowledge to bring you an even more potent version of One World Whey.

We all understand the feelings of fear vs. love. We all know the feelings of fear will destroy our health when these feelings are chronic. We also know that the feelings of happiness and love will always promote health and well-being. This analogy should help us to conceptualize that food, when properly grown or raised, will promote health, well-being and happiness from a biochemical and vibrational perspective. In the same way that a positive heartfelt prayer can improve the quality of your food energetically, so too can a technology be used to energetically improve food.

One World Whey is super food of epic proportions. The whey is derived from healthy grass pastured cows. It is uniquely processed to leave the proteins in a non-denatured or undamaged state, and then it is technologically enhanced. Our pure and powerful whey is then mixed with non-GMO maltose or dextrose. 

People who have consumed our latest version of technologically enhance One World Whey report an increase in energy and well-being within 20 minutes with these effects lasting up to 4 hours. These reports far surpass any previous version of One World Whey and surpass any reports we’ve heard from any other whey protein powder.

We are confident that we will receive a landslide of wonderful testimonials from our new and improved One World Whey within the first 3 months of release. The new and improved One World Whey is currently in the making! It should be available in 7 weeks or sooner.


About wiczend

I'm an Independent Representative of Youngevity and publish this blog to help promote our nutritional products like Beyond Tangy Tangerine as well as spread Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 For Life message. I am always looking for others to join my team so if you're interested in the home-based business opportunity, please let me know. I thank you for visiting!

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