The benefits of Camu Camu’s nutrition can be very rewarding to your health. It contains very powerful amino acids, vitamin C, leucine and carries a lot of therapeutic effects. Because of its amounts of vitamin C, a lot of people no longer take vitamin C alone in large doses. They find that not only does Camu Camu contain vitamin C but that it also lifts their moods and strengthens their immune system. There are other medicinal uses for Camu Camu found by a nutritionist after he researched the fruit. It helps maintain healthy gums, healthy skin and eyes. It contains herbs that have been very effective in helping with various disease conditions. It has been known to help with certain organs and system weaknesses in the body. Camu Camu fell into the number two spot on his list of holistic medicines that help balance moods.Camu Camu ranked number one in…

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I'm an Independent Representative of Youngevity and publish this blog to help promote our nutritional products like Beyond Tangy Tangerine as well as spread Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 For Life message. I am always looking for others to join my team so if you're interested in the home-based business opportunity, please let me know. I thank you for visiting!

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