By Zen Gardner

Following is a fantastic exposé of how the control system works via its long history of denial, disinformation and aggressive denunciation of those opposing the insane programs of nuclear experimentation – on us. This denial by these self-appointed elites has always been this way – especially in the case of serious threats to human life and safety, be it wars, radiation, GMOs, vaccines, the drug industry, etc.

The on-going intense nuclear radiation from Fukushima being injected into the world’s atmosphere and oceans now appears to dwarf our many other serious issues. With all of the elephants in our planetary living room, this, like geoengineering, is an extinction level threat.

And don’t expect CNN to tell you so. This game is rigged from start to finish.

Take heed. If anyone waits to act according to their time table it will be too late. Please research this subject thoroughly…

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