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By Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman

Many gardeners use cold frames and quick hoops for season extension, but just  beyond these is a simple and super-productive option for the home gardener: a  small, low-cost, portable greenhouse. We’ve found that you can build a  10-by-12-foot greenhouse for less than you’d spend on a store-bought 4-by-4-foot  cold frame. Our goals in designing this movable greenhouse were that it be  simple to build with off-the-shelf parts, easy to move, easy to anchor and  inexpensive.In-The-Greenhouse jpg

Even gardeners in moderate or warm climates can benefit from a greenhouse,  which gives you much more variety in your winter fare, and also makes the  experience of growing it more pleasant. A greenhouse furnishes a warm and  sheltered spot for plants, but because you can stand up inside of it, it also  shelters you.

Similar to a cold frame, a simple greenhouse captures the sun’s heat and  eliminates…

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