Friday, February 10, 2012 by: Aurora Geib

(NaturalNews) Taking vitamin D while still young may be good for the body in the  long run. Results from a study conducted by the University of Zurich have  confirmed that sufficient amounts of vitamin D taken consistently are necessary  to maintain bone health. Many people believe that maintaining healthy  eating habits is enough, but only few foods naturally contain significant levels  of vitamin D. According to Dr. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, a faculty of UZH, in order to get adequate levels of vitamin D through diet alone, two  servings of fatty fish like salmon or mackerel would have to be consumed every  day. It is thus necessary to increase vitamin D levels in the body through  sufficient sun exposure and supplementation in order to use the sunshine  vitamin’s full potential for maintaining proper body functioning.
This  misconception about maintaining D levels through diet does have a degree of  ground since vitamin D is not a stand alone vitamin. To perform many functions,  vitamin D works in cooperation with other vitamins like magnesium, which can be  found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach. This unique characteristic of  vitamin D has contributed to the management of many chronic illnesses.

The many faces of vitamin D

Decades ago, health care professionals  thought vitamin D was only good for keeping healthy bones and teeth. Recent  advances in science, however, have put this vitamin in the spotlight by  revealing its multifaceted role in the proper functioning of the human body and  its ability to lower the risk of illnesses not formerly associated with  it.
Despite the recent revelations about the potential of vitamin D, it  appears that not everyone appreciates this discovery. The current lifestyle of  working indoors has contributed to the growing number of vitamin  D deficiency cases worldwide. This is compounded by the fact that not  everyone is aware that he or she may be vitamin D deficient.

Am I vitamin D deficient?

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