Beyond Tangy TangerinePharmacist Ben Fuchs visited with Alex Jones on the 2-22-13 broadcast and shared his take on the importance of nutritional supplementation especially when combating the ever-increasing amounts of toxins in our food and water. To help combat this, Ben and Alex highly suggest starting with BTT (Beyond Tangy Tangerine). Beyond Tangy Tangerine along with Youngevity’s Ultimate Classis were the focus of a recent research study conducted by Clemson University. The results of study are astounding.

Click here for more: Clemson Report on Youngevity

Alex went on to point out many of the recent headlines regarding chemicals and toxins being found in drinking water, lakes and streams. Fluoride, Prozac, SSRIs and many other poisons are being found in dangerous amounts all around.


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I'm an Independent Representative of Youngevity and publish this blog to help promote our nutritional products like Beyond Tangy Tangerine as well as spread Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 For Life message. I am always looking for others to join my team so if you're interested in the home-based business opportunity, please let me know. I thank you for visiting!

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